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April 14, 2016 - MATEP Combined Heat and Power Facility Upgrade 


The installation of a third turbine at the MATEP facility was reviewed and approved by State and City regulatory agencies as part of the 2001 process when MATEP’s planned installation of three gas turbines was reviewed for environmental impacts.  MATEP received approval for installation of the three turbines and installed two of them; installation of the third turbine was delayed  due to lower than expected load growth.  MATEP is now proposing to install the third turbine.  That installation is currently being reviewed in light of the lapse of time since the 2001 approvals as well as changed State regulatory requirements.  In addition, the experience and aftermath of Hurricane Sandy have underscored for MATEP and its customers as well as the larger community, the importance of  energy resiliency and service reliability, especially for MATEP’s mission critical customers (which include hospitals, biomedical research facilities, and educational institutions).  As a recipient of the 2013 Energy Efficiency Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Combined Heat and Power Partnership sponsored by EPA, MATEP is committed to efficient cogeneration/tri-generation operations and to serving its customers’ critical needs. For more information regarding the third turbine project please see the sections labeled 3rd Turbine Notice Of Public Hearing.



February 20, 2013 - EPA Recognizes Medical Centers and Universities for Emissions Reductions and Energy Savings

From Left to Right: Jiten Manglani, Morgan Stanley Infrastructure; Gary McNeil, US EPA Combined Heat and Power Partnership; Kelly McCarthy, MATEP; Richard E. Kessel, MATEP
Press Release - US EPA - MATEP 2013 Energy Star CHP Award
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